RV Refrigerator Repair Terms and Conditions

Purchaser agrees to the following when making a purchase from FRVRTC:

Customized Tools

Purchaser accepts responsibility for assembling the charging board and chemical connections and agrees to obtain updated MSDS from their suppliers.

No refunds or exchanges on a purchase due to the nature of delivery.

DIY Videos

FRVRTC accepts no responsibility for downtime due to power outages, website downtimes, acts of nature, etc

Property Rights

Confidentiality of Trade Secrets. Purchaser agrees that any information provided by this website is confidential and is not to be disclosed or divulged to any third parties, including any person that may be employed by the purchaser or that the purchasers are employed by now or at any time in the future unless such disclosure is consented and agreed to by an FRVRTC Owner in writing. The purchaser acknowledges and agrees that the owner shall be entitled to injunctive relief to enforce the terms and provisions hereof and understand that all access to this website will be terminated immediately.

Applicable Law. This agreement is to be construed as made in and shall for all purposes be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Kentucky. The purchaser acknowledges that Marshall County, Kentucky, is the proper venue for any legal proceeding brought by either party for enforcement of the terms and provisions hereof, and the purchaser further acknowledges and consents to the Kentucky court's exercise of personal jurisdiction over the purchaser. Should legal action be required, the purchaser will be responsible for all legal fees incurred by either party.