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Our Mission: To educate others on the RV refrigerator, save RV owners money, offer the best warranty and reduce our carbon footprint.

In just a few months, our YouTube videos have obtained well over 100,000 followers. Due to this demand, we at FRVTS have restructured our business by implementing new avenues to focus primarily on educating individuals worldwide on the RV appliances.  This spring, our first online training video will be available at this website. It will be a step-by-step on troubleshooting, repairing, and recharging the RV refrigerator cooling unit. For just a few hundred dollars, you will have access to the techniques we have developed and used for over 30 years, which has saved each of our RV owner customers hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Technicians, join the many who have already signed up for this training so you can be the first in your area to learn and offer this unique in-demand service. Thanks to today’s technology, this video will be available in many different languages. Contact our office today at fordrv@rvrefrigeration.com .

RV owners, think about it! Most HVACR and appliance repair service centers, or anyone mechanically inclined, will soon be able to properly troubleshoot, repair, and recharge your RV appliances worldwide.

 Ford’s RV has also been approached about doing a Reality Show about our Training Center.

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If you’re a repair technician, or would like to become one, we’d like to help you make more money by teaching you how to repair RV refrigerators the right way. If you’re an RV owner, we’d like to help you save money by showing you how to fix the the things you can do yourself or by fixing your refrigerator for you. Why come to us?

  • Roger Ford has over 35 years experience in refrigeration repair
  • We wrote the book, literally, on RV refrigerator repair
  • Our warranty says it all – for nearly 30 years we have been the only ones to provide a 100% warranty on reconditioned cooling units – parts and labor, and now offer a limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Our RV Refrigerator Cooling Units are only $699.00

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RV Service

Refrigerators are our specialty. Stop by our shop in Benton, KY, or call us at 270-354-9239 and we’ll bring our mobile service to you. Either way, we’ll help keep your RV refrigerator in top shape by providing certified maintenance and repairs. Click here to learn more RV Service

Good News For RV Owners & Technicians!

Ford’s RV Training & Service is celebrating 30 years of servicing the RV. Now FRVTS has made the business decision, as the RV owners advocate, to focus only on the training and service of RV refrigerators. We have reduced our pricing and increased our warranty.  When you come to our service center, you will receive one of our replacement cooling units and the installation to the refrigerator cabinet for only $699.00, which comes with a standard limited lifetime warranty.

Our DIY videos are making RV owners aware that the “throw it away, buy a new one” attitude that has plagued RV owners by others in the RV industry for more than 50 years, is a primitive and outdated solution to RV refrigerator repair. It is costing you more money and is filling our landfills with repairable refrigerators and cooling units. See the Video page.

Most of the people we have trained the Ford’s Procedures to, in the last few years, are coming from industries outside of the RV industry. The next time you need RV refrigerator service, if you can’t come to us, check our RVRN page for a member nearest you or contact your local HVAC or Appliance repair service.

Ford’s RV Training Center has received RV refrigerators from major manufacturers for a side-by-side evaluation of their performance. Thank you Atwood, Dometic, Suburban, Coleman, and Dinosaur Electronics for your continued support and donation of appliances, test equipment, and other educational materials.  They are all being used to educate technicians and RV owners nationwide about RV appliances.

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