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  Our Mission is to: Educate others worldwide on absorption refrigeration, save the consumer money, offer the best warranty

and reduce our carbon footprint!


This Unique, in Demand and  Profitable Repair Service is Easy  When You know How!

This unique absorption refrigerator repair service has been overlooked  by the refrigeration industry  for decades all around the world.  Absorption refrigerators work off of AC, DC, LP gas and other fuels. It is a refrigeration unit found in Recreational Vehicles, motor homes, coaches, trailers, 5th wheels, campers, pop-up campers, horse trailers, off the grid, caravans, camper vans, mobile leisure trailers, pull trailers, motels, apartments, hotels,  Amish communities and more. There are three major brands in the USA which are Dometic RV refrigerator, Norcold RV refrigerator, and Atwood RV refrigerator. A used absorption refrigerator can be successfully reconditioned for a fraction of the cost of a new refrigerator, and we at Ford’s RV offer a lifetime warranty. You can offer this refrigerator repair in your area. Throughout this website, we will refer to these refrigerators as absorption or RV refrigerators. Check out all of the information pertaining to RV refrigerator training, manuals, and the customized tools.


These are some of the manufacturers and known names of Absorption refrigerators :

RV refrigerator, Dometic refrigerators, Norcold refrigerators, Thetford refrigerators, Portuguese refrigerators, Primus Fridge, Absorption minibar refrigerator, Hotel mini refrigerator,  CoolMax minibar refrigerator, Ammonia absorption refrigerator,  Coolhen coolers, EZ Freeze refrigerators, Diamond Propane Gas refrigerators, Danby Gas refrigerator, Consul Gas refrigerator, Crystal Cold refrigerators, Servel refrigerators, Electrolux refrigerators, Propane refrigerator, 12 Volt refrigerator, Caravan refrigerators, Caravan fridge, Caravan refrigeration, Unique refrigerators and possibly other names in other countries. If you know of a manufacturer of a name not listed here, please send that information to us via email.


 Ford’s RV now offers the First Ever Online Training for absorption (RV) refrigerator reconditioning!

Learn how to recondition  absorption (RV) refrigeration cooling units.

Be the only one in your area to offer this unique in-demand service!  

Click here to learn more about RV Absorption Refrigerator Training.  Proceed To Training Purchase Online Training


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  Here are many reasons to check out our website.

  •  If you can read a meter, weld, and follow simple instructions, you can earn $100/hour reconditioning RV refrigerators.
  • RV refrigeration reconditioning is highly profitable, unique and in-demand and has been overlooked globally for decades.
  • An estimated nearly one hundred million absorption refrigeration units need repairs and that number grows daily.
  • RV refrigerator reconditioning sells itself because it saves the customer money and reduces our carbon footprint.
  • The chemicals used to recharge the RV refrigerator cooling units are environmentally friendly.
  • RV refrigerator reconditioning can be obtained from us through hands-on or online training as well as continued education and support.
  • Get a quick return on your minimal investment. Recondition five of the most common RV refrigerator cooling units and you’ll make back your investment on our RV refrigerator training & customized tools.
  • Get advertising and referrals from us to help your RV refrigerator reconditioning business grow.
  • These RV refrigeration units are used worldwide.
  • These RV refrigerators are used in Recreational Vehicles, off the grid remote cabins, horse trailers, Amish Communities and more.


 This Business Can Be A Great Supplement To Your Income and Customer Base!

  • RV refrigerator repair can be done out of a small garage. You can simply offer a mobile service if desired, remove the appliance if necessary, and take it back to the shop for reconditioning.
  • We estimate that well over 95% of the RV service centers do not recondition the RV refrigerator. They simply tell the consumer to throw it away and buy a new one.
  • When you offer this unique reconditioning service, that no one else in your area offers, the consumer will come to you instead of the service center down the road.
  • If you are already providing HVAC and appliance repair, this business is the perfect blend because you can also repair/recondition RV rooftop air conditioners, the furnace, the hot water heater, and the cook stove, etc.
  • Once the consumer comes to you for all their RV appliance needs, they will also come to you for their residential and commercial appliance needs if you offer those services.
  • We hope you will join us in our quest to: Save the consumer money, offer the best warranty and reduce our carbon footprint!


Quotes from others who have contacted us about training.

  •  Steve in Texas-”Its like fishing in an aquarium”.  No competition!
  • Gilberto in Connecticut – “I don’t think there is one here”. No competition!
  • David in California – “Lots of RVs and trailers”.
  • Frank in California – “No one else performs this service here”.
  • Jimmy in Georgia-”I do part time work  and would like to service refrigerator”.
  • Dave in Texas-”After reviewing several of you videos it has peaked my interest. It is obvious that there is a tremendous need for this type of repair center in the TX area”.
These people answered the following two questions: 1. What is your business trade?   2. Why would this be a good service in your area?
  • Beverly in Washington — 1. Stay at home Mom with a passion to tinker. I love to figure problems out and fix them and I am pretty good at it :) 2. We have no one in our area certified to fix and repair RV refrigerators and I have 2 trailers with problems and want to gain experience by first fixing them. My husband asked and RV repair man and he immediately wanted to toss and replace and I feel they can be repaired and spare the land fills.
  • William in Pennsylvania — 1. Refrigeration. 2. No other place will do it.
  • Thomas in Nevada — 1. HVAC/R. 2. Lots of motorhomes.
  • William in Virginia — 1.HVAC/R 2. Lots of campgrounds. No one offers this service.
  • Anthony in Washington — 1. Industrial Maintenance. 2. There seems to be a replace it mentality in my area at most of the local RV dealerships and repair facilities.
  • David in Colorado — 1. Business Owner. 2. No one around here knows how to do anything except replace cooling units. I have the shop, tools and techs to be able to provide a good and needed service for the multitude of RVers around here.
  • Bruce in California — 1. Electrician. 2. No one else here doing it!
  • Randel in Canada — 1. Engineering. 2. Highest per capita ratio of RV ownership in the entire country.
  • Paul in Michigan — 1. Automotive. 2. Michigan is full of RVers and being able to service their refrigerators would be a big service to these consumers. We have lots of recreation areas in the North and just about every other house has a RV.
  • Paul in Iowa — 1. Retired computer engineer  2. Even the highly recommended RV shops in our area seem to lack adequate knowledge of electrical or gas applications beyond the simpilest tasks so there must be considerable opportunity to provide proper refridgerator diagnosis and repair for the local RV community.

Quotes from RV owners.

  •  Jeff in Kansas City- ” Years ago I worked at a couple of different RV dealers and gained a little knowledge about refrigeration but after watching all your videos I realize I didn’t learn a whole lot!!!”
  • John in Canada- “I was at a quandary  about how to proceed on the repair of my Dometic refrigerator after visiting an RV tech. They just blew out the areas around the burner stating that there was some dirt. I was standing there when it was done and there was no dirt that came out as I had just cleaned the burner. Then they proceeded to charge me $35 for removing the cover and using compressed air for 2 minutes to blow out the non-existent dirt?After watching your You Tube videos it does make sense in that it has been continually misdiagnosed and never repaired properly.
  • Dan S.- “I’ve been watching your You Tube videos and learning a lot.  Thanks for sharing so much valuable information”.
  • Lou in Illinois – “Where to begin? Working with Roger Ford and his wife Onna Lee, over the phone and via email, was one of the most enjoyable, successful and educational experiences I have had with any service professional, either in person locally or online. They both were very helpful and generous with their time, and helped me diagnose a problem with both my gas and electric heating for my Dometic refrigerator. My heat element was getting too hot which caused loss or lack of cooling”.
  • CM in Denver- “I do residential and commercial HVAC work, after watching just a couple of your video’s, I have a good idea about theory, operation, troubleshooting. Your video content is Excellent, the U.S and world should be Thanking you for the efffort to keep these 717 systems out of U.S. landfills and water tables. Thanks again!”
  • Cees in the Netherlands-”I want to thank you very much for very good info, and aplaud what you doing”.
  • Rob-”Wow.. so nice for folks who really knows their stuff to generously share their knowledge with the rest of us.. I really like the pace of instruction ..very easy to follow.. Well done and many thanks”.
  • Vinnie-”You are the Man I do like your videos. HVAC is my trade but have never worked on this type of frig.Thank you for sharing your knowledge with this type of unit VBB”.

Refrigerators are our specialty. Stop by our shop in Benton, KY, or call us at 270-354-9239 and we’ll bring our mobile service to you. Either way, we’ll help keep your RV refrigerator in top shape by providing certified maintenance and repairs. Click here to learn more.  RV Service

Ford’s RV Training Center has received RV refrigerators from major manufacturers for a side-by-side evaluation of their performance.  To see the results to date go to the lower portion of the training page. We would also like to say Thank you to Atwood, Dometic, Suburban, Coleman, and Dinosaur Electronics for your continued support and donation of appliances, test equipment, and other educational materials.  They are all being used to educate technicians and RV owners nationwide about RV appliances.

It's easy when you know how - let us teach you!

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