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With The Ford Procedures Training


Reconditioning RV Refrigerator Cooling Units

  • In a few months start making a great profit.
  • RV refrigerators - main appliance in RV's.
  • Used in Off the Grid.
  • Used by Preppers, and Amish Communities.
  • The RV refrigerator cooling unit can be repaired and recharged.
  • Repairs less costly than a new RV refrigerator cooling unit or new complete RV refrigerator.

RV Refrigerator Certification Training



  Ford’s RV Refrigeration Training Center is a Licensed School providing training on RV Refrigerators to Technicians From Around The World.As a Kentucky State Licensed School (#R-0457), we provide training on RV absorption refrigerator cooling unit reconditioning.  Below is information on how to obtain hands-on training, the cost, the tools required and more. We are here to help you learn and to help you grow your business.

  • This service can be a career or a supplementary income, and can be done at your own pace where you are your own boss.



 Why spend over tens of thousands of dollars and years to get an education that pays less than $50 an hour, only to compete against thousands of others who have also chosen that very same career? For way less money and in only five days, you can receive an education in a field that is in high demand across the world that pays $100+ an hour! Plus has no EPA Certification requirements!

  • RV Owners are searching for those who have received their RV Refrigerator Certification from Ford’s RV Refrigeration Training Center.

Meet the Owners


 When you attend FRVRTC, you will be learning from the pioneers who have developed unprecedented  procedures, the customized tools required to recharge the system, who have been in the refrigeration industry since 1978 and who have been specializing in reconditioning RV refrigerator cooling units since 1984. The procedures we will be sharing with you have proven to be the best in the industry, which is why RV owners are searching for those who have been Certified by FRVRTC for their RV refrigerator repair needs.  Roger and Onna Lee Ford look forward to helping you become an RV Refrigerator Specialist! 

Ford's RV Refrigeration Training Center Curriculum


 At Ford’s RV Refrigeration Training Center, We Offer The Following Options For RV Refrigerator Reconditioning Training

  •         No Certificate

R102 For the DIY RV Owner or technician  – Controls Only –  8 hours.

  •         Level I Certification     

R101 – 5 Days Hands on Training  

  •       Level II Certification  

R103 – 10 Days of Hands on Training  

  •     Master Certification

R104 – 15 Days of Hands on Training  ( See the links below for more information)         

R105 - No Certification

2 hour minimum - For the RV owner or technician who wants to learn minor troubleshooting and repair.             

How Do I Know If There Is A Demand In My Area Or If I Am Qualified To Offer This Service?



  • RV parks, resorts, service centers, Amish communities, or Off the Grid in your area? There is a demand!!
  • Contact your local RV service centers. Ask:
    • Do they recondition the RV refrigerator cooling unit. 
    • What is their repair procedure when they suspect the cooling unit has failed. 
    • If they replace it, that tells you there is a demand for this service.
    • They are throwing thousands of dollars in their dumpsters and you have the opportunity to capitalize on their uneducated procedures.

    If you can read a meter, follow instructions, and weld, you are capable of learning this service. You just need to receive the proper training and have the proper tools. 

What Will I Learn During My Training at FRVRTC?


 Training includes:

  • Removal and Re-installation
  • Diagnostics 
  • Disassembly
  • Repair 
  • Recharging
  • Reassembly. 
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Pricing 
  • Industry connections
  • How this service sells itself.
  • And much more.  

You will receive instruction on how to obtain refrigerators and cooling units to practice on at little or no cost to you. This will help you get stock built up so that when you start accepting customers, you can do a cooling unit exchange.

  • Master Certification will include business operations such as bookkeeping, web site building, making graphics and more.

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Overview of Programs

Start & End Dates

Schedule of Fees

Directory of School Personnel

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 Class choices and the description of each. (Click on the picture to see the courses and their descriptions) 


 The Ford Procedures RV Refrigerator Cooling Unit Reconditioning Manual is used in all aspects of our training program. If you purchase your customized tool package in advance, this manual will be sent ahead of your training date so you have time to read through it a few times. This will be very helpful during your training. 

RV Refrigerator Repair Customized Tools

 These customized tools are included in the cost of the R101, R103 and R104 training programs. They are required to be successful in RV refrigerator cooling unit reconditioning. (Click here to see the entire package) 

Veterans Education Using the GI Bill®


 FRVRTC  is approved by the Veterans Administration of Education, and we accept the Veterans GI Bill® from those who qualify!  (Click on the picture for more information.)  

FRVRTC Training Application Required