R101 RV Refrigerator cooling Unit Repair & Recharging Package.
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Included in Training Package:

    •  Video – approximately 2 1/2 hours of video. Will have access to video for 90 days.
      • Troubleshooting RV Refrigerator Cooling Unit
      • Repairing  RV Refrigerator Cooling Units
      • Recharging RV Refrigerator Cooling Units
    • Where chemical charge is created and sent to  RV Refrigerator Cooling Unit
    • Internal Parts & Assembly required
      • Designer, Developer & Manufacturer-Roger D. Ford
    • Used in leak checking and recharging RV Refrigerator Cooling Unit
      • Designer, Developer & Manufacturer -Roger D. Ford
    • Designed to make a specific procedure easier and more productive.
      • Designer, Developer & Manufacturer – Roger D. Ford
    • Recharging Formulas for RV Refrigerator Cooling Units
      • Designer, Developer-Roger D. Ford
  • The “Ford Procedures Manual
    • Step-by-step manual that goes along with the R101 Training Video
      • Written by Roger and Onna Lee Ford
    • Charging Board Parts Required
    • Charging Station & Chemical Setup
    • Chemical Connections
    • Leak Check Manifold
    • Building the Welding Table
  • MSDS 
    • Chemicals required
    • Safety throughout training video and manual
  • PDF’S
    • School Catalog
    • Troubleshooting Inspection List
    • Parts & Suppliers
    • Charging Board Specs
    • Leak Check Manifold Specs
    • Chemical MSDS Info
    • RV Industry Contacts
    • and More!
    • Charging Board Parts Suppliers
    • Charging Supplies Suppliers
    • RV Refrigerator Repair Parts & Suppliers
    • RV Industry Parts & Suppliers
    • RV Industry Magazines
    • RV Industry Support
  • Certification Exam
    • Student must obtain a minimum grade of 80% to pass the course.
  • Certification Certificate
    • Receive a Certification Certificate upon receiving a passing grade.
    • Charging Board Parts
    • Chemicals
    • Common Hand Tools
    • Compressor
    • 2 Wheel Cart
    • Steel tank
    • Pressure Washer
    • Welding Table (optional)
    • 6 months free support from the date tools are shipped


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Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 24 × 16 in

5 reviews for R101 – Cooling Unit Repair Training Package

  1. Roberto Munoz

    Top Quality Training! I really did not know what to expect when I first arrived. Now I look back and say they over delivered.
    Roger and Onna Lee sure are very knowledgeable in the subject. I loved the fact that it was a hands-on training so as we covered al stages of the reconditioning process it was very helpful to ask questions as the training developed.
    I was so satisfied with the training that now my brother is getting the training with Roger and Onna Lee. I absolutely recommend them, thumbs up to them!

  2. Robert Shelton

    The training program I attended at Ford RV Refrigeration was well organized from the first day until the last. The written part and the hands-on training helped me learn (not memorize) procedures to repair cooling units as well as troubleshoot RV refrigerators properly. At the end of the training, I had a thorough understanding of how RV refrigerators work. I was able to put my training to use immediately after I returned to my shop. I don’t know of anywhere else you can learn so much in such a short time. Thank you, Roger and Onna Lee, for putting this world class training program together and for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Young Farts RV Parts

    This was the most informative class we have ever taken in life! Being part of the RV industry it was absolutely astonishing all the new things we learned about RV Fridges. The pure passion of the Ford’s left us baffled! We did not know what to expect making a trip from Canada to Kentucky, At first we thought we were mostly paying for the formulas. But it is much much more than that. The years of experience from the Fords is priceless! We were so grateful to work with such amazing and nice people! This is such rare knowledge, and the fact they have made this program to inform others in the RV industry is absolutely amazing! Without Everything the Ford’s have done, the RV industry would have never seen the possibility of fridge repair! It really is an experience of a lifetime. if you are even slightly thinking about doing the course just do it! you wont regret it!

  4. Chris Pace

    Chris Pace
    As a appliance repairman I was looking to expand my business by learning about RV ammonia absorption refrigeration. I looked into Fords RV refrigeration coarse and decided to take the week long class. I was pleasantly surprised with the information I obtained about the workings and the cooling process of these refrigerators. The charging process can be a little intimidating but with Rodgers guidance I was successful at the process. Onna lead our classroom teachings and was very thorough with us. The whole process was very positive. I look forward to servicing RV refrigerators for years to come.

  5. David Munoz (verified owner)

    Terrific! I took the online training and came out with a wealth of knowledge. In this video training along with the instructional booklet Roger covers the whole spectrum. He teaches the process from beginning to end- all I had to do is take notes and get familiarized with the steps. The key for me was watching the training video over and over until it started to make sense.
    Thank You Onna Lee and Roger for your help when I had questions throughout the training.

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Please Read The Student Catalog Below Before Purchasing the Cooling Unit Training Program

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    6. There are downloadable files in the "Exercise Files" tab found above the Training Video. This is where the Ford Procedures Manual and much more valuable information can be found.

    7. Your Customized tools will be shipped within 30-60 days of your purchase.

    8. You should take the exam as near the end of the 90 day video rental as possible.

    9. You will receive a Certification Certificate once you have passed the exam.

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