•  Our customized tools are only sold to those who obtain our training. To make the purchase of any of our training packages, you must contact our office.

**Please Note: You may take the tools with you upon completion of training if they have been paid in full at least 90 days prior to your training date. Otherwise they will be shipped to you at your expense, approximately 90 days after they have been paid in full.

  • NOTE: If you have paid for the tools prior to your training date and decide not to obtain the training, the customized tool purchase will be voided. A restocking fee will be deducted from the amount paid and a refund will be given within 90 days of the cancellation date.

FRVRTC'S Customized Tool Package for RV Refrigerator Repair

Customized Charging Board


 The Model #SS-1113 is the new updated charging board where the chemical charge is created and then sent to the absorption (RV) refrigerator cooling unit. It is made of stainless steel and is constructed with internal stainless steel Braided hoses. It also has stainless steel lockable ball valves, aqua tank gauge, hydrogen gauge, clear acrylic sight glass, inlet and exit sight glass filters, and a Plexiglas safety shield. It also contains our new easy to read hydrometer which is also specially manufactured. It is designed to reach a more accurate reading of the formula mixture. (Some assembly required) 

**Note: Designed by Roger D. Ford and Manufactured by FRVRTC**

Charging/Discharging Wrenches


 One customized wrench attaches to a steel braided hose that runs from the charging wrench to the charging board and it also attaches to the cooling unit. The other customized wrench is used at the leak check station. 

**Note: Designed by Roger D. Ford and Manufactured by FRVRTC** 

Customized 36" Steel Saw



You will find no other saw like this 36" stainless steel beauty anywhere but FRVRTC. It is specially designed to make a very special step in the Ford Procedures easier and more productive.

**Note: Designed by Roger D. Ford and Manufactured by FRVRTC** 

Valves & Stems



Our custom designed valves and stems are used in conjunction with our customized charging wrench. This makes charging and discharging specific cooling units so much easier. There are six of each in the customized tool package.

 **Note: Designed by Roger D. Ford and Manufactured by FRVRTC**  

Customized Hydrometers


  The #SS-1113 charging board comes with one hydrometer enclosed. One additional hydrometer is included in the package for you to have as a backup.

Stainless Steel Braided Hose


 The steel braided hose connects to the charging board and the charging wrench allowing the chemicals to go from one to the other. 


Rust Inhibitor


This rust inhibitor will be added to your chemical mixture. MSDS papers included. (Package contains 1 lb. rust inhibitor which will last approximately 3-5 years)

Leak Check


When leak checking this special powder will make your life much easier. Changes color when it comes in contact with certain chemicals. MSDS papers included. ( Package contains 1 oz. of leak check which will last approximately 3-5 years)

150 lb. Safety Pop Off Valve


This safety feature is installed in the #SS-1113 Charging Board. 

Foil Backing


This foil backing makes the final product work more efficiently. The package contains 20 feet of foil backing which is enough for approximately 7-8 2 door refrigerators.

Formula Chart


This formula chart lists every refrigerator seen by FRVRTC since 1984. Many are still in use, especially in Air-streams and off the grid. This chart tells you the correct percentages for the formula you are creating based on the refrigerator you are working on.

 **Note: Designed by Roger D. Ford and published by FRVRTC**   

RV Refrigerator Training Packet


The Ford Procedures RV Refrigerator Training Packet is full of valuable information to help you get started in the field of RV refrigerator cooling unit reconditioning. From marketing and Industry contacts to how to sell your reconditioning services. Also included is a catalog of reconditioning products that can be purchased through FRVRTC.

Additional Services Provided by FRVRTC

Phone Support / Advertising

 With the purchase of the training and the customized tools, USA residents will also have the option to purchase any or all of the following:

  1. Annual Phone Support
  2. Advertising at the RV Refrigerator Reconditioning Centers page at this web site

Veterans Education - GI Bill® Approved

  Air force Veterans, Army Veterans, National Guard Veterans, Navy Veterans and Marine Veterans who are looking to spend their Veteran GI Bill® education funding with a  top military friendly school, which has been approved by the Veterans Administration of Education, look no further!! FRVRTC is one of those schools and we accept the Veterans GI Bill®!  

 Ford’s RV Refrigeration Training Center is approved by the Kentucky State Approving Agency for Veterans Education. Certification for FRVRTC’s R101, R103, and R104 programs are approved for the GI Bill® to eligible students.  

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 (FRVRTC can be found at the WEAMS website. Type in “Ford’s RV Refrigeration” and choose Non College Degree in the program type, click submit)

To fill out a GI application, VA students may submit an application to the VA online at Applications for Benefits or call 1-888-442-4551 and ask that an application be mailed to them. 

Shipping Tools

 If the tools will be shipped to you, you will be required to pay shipping. Shipping cannot be calculated until the package is ready to ship.  Kentucky residence will be required to pay sales tax on products and shipping.  

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