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 Air force Veterans, Army Veterans, National Guard Veterans, Navy Veterans and Marine Veterans who are looking to spend their Veteran GI Bill education funding with a  top military friendly school, which has been approved by the Veterans Administration of Education, look no further!! FRVRTC is one of those schools and we accept the Veterans GI Bill!

  • 3 Weeks-become Master Certified in a field that is a Veteran GI bill approved certification for those who qualify. 
  • RV Refrigerator repair and reconditioning is unique and in-demand throughout the USA.
  • This service can be a career or a supplementary income, and can be done at your own pace where you are your own boss.
  • RV Owners are searching for those who have received their RV Refrigerator Certification from Ford’s RV Refrigeration Training Center.
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Ford’s RV Refrigeration Training Center is approved by the Kentucky State Approving Agency for Veterans Education. Certification for FRVRTC’s R101, R103 and R104 programs are approved for the GI Bill® to eligible students.

FRVRTC helps Air force Veterans, Army Veterans, National Guard Veterans, Navy Veterans and Marine Veterans obtain a career or supplement their income in a field that: 

  • Is in great demand
  • Provides an income of $100/hour plus
  • Has little to no competition.
  • The RV Industry has a customer base of over 10 million consumers who are searching for an RV Refrigerator Specialist Certified by FRVRTC
  • Has no EPA requirements
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Why use your Veterans GI bill education benefits on College for Veterans or other GI Bill approved schools to obtain a career that:

  • Takes 2 or more years of continued education
  • Does not provide you with any of the required tools to do the job upon graduation
  • Has lots of other people searching for the same job after graduation

With the Ford Procedures Certification Training, in just weeks or a few months you can be ready to open your doors and start making a great profit.

  • RV refrigerators are the main appliance in Recreational Vehicles
  • Also used in Off the Grid
  • By Preppers, and Amish Communities.
  • The RV refrigerator cooling unit can be repaired and recharged for a fraction of the cost of a new RV refrigerator cooling unit or even a new complete RV refrigerator.
    • That is why RV owners are searching for RV Refrigerator Specialists across the nation.
    • Many of them are Veterans themselves and those who are not would be thrilled to have a Veteran do their much needed service work.
At FRVRTC we train the very service we have successfully offered since 1984, using the latest technology and tools available.  In addition, our students have the option for ongoing phone support, advertising, referrals and more.

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Veteran, William, shares his training experience at FRVRTC. Just click play on the video to hear his story.
 Important Information!

Ford’s RV Refrigeration Training Center is the only licensed educational facility providing comprehensive hands-on training for RV refrigerator repair and cooling unit reconditioning.

  • Using your Veteran GI Bill for this educational training program allows you to:
    • Choose  from three levels of Certification  
      • RV 101 (one week) (Certification I)
      • RV 103 (two weeks) (Certification II)
      • RV 104 (three weeks) (Master Certification)
    • FRVRTC needs your approval letter as soon as possible prior to the date you wish to take your training. It can take 30+ days to receive the approval letter and then an additional 30+ days to receive the payment for your training, tools, and manuals.
    • FRVRTC has a Maximum class size of four
Important Information!

  • Please see the following pages for important information. Included in the Veterans GI Benefits Certification training programs are:
    • Customized tools designed and manufactured by FRVRTC
    • Reconditioning Manual The only RV refrigerator cooling unit written and published by the instructors of FRVRTC, who are the pioneers of the reconditioning process.
      • Students also receive other manuals and required products.
    • Student CatalogFor more information on the programs dates and costs of our Certification Programs, please see “ “pages 6-9. We do encourage you to read the entire Catalog.
    • Application Once you receive your approval from the Veterans Administration, you will also need to fill out the FRVRTCapplication and send it to us along with a copy of your approval letter.
    • Student HousingAvailable for those interested (first come first serve basis).

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