RV Refrigerator Reconditioning Centers

Below are former FRVRTC students who wish to advertise their RV refrigerator reconditioning services at our web site in order to help you.

All FRVRTC students are encouraged to practice the FRVRTC mission statement:

To educate the consumer on the RV refrigerator, save the consumer money, provide the best warranty and reduce our carbon footprint.


Michael Grant
Michael Grant Southern RV Refrigeration Services

7434 McKinley Street

Hollywood, FL 33024



Robert Shelton
Robert Shelton Carren RV Refrigeration

872 Logan Place Rd.

Harlem, GA 30814

(706) 556-8176



Steve Schreiber
Steve Schreiber Gulf Coast RV Refrigeration

Please be praying for Steve & his family. They have been hit by Hurricane Harvey. They will be out of service for a time, but God will bring them back stronger and more prosperous than ever!!!

511 Runneburg Rd.

Crosby, TX 77532

Will provide phone # again once he is open again.

Businesses listed on this page are advertisements only, not endorsements from FRVRTC. We do have faith in these listed and trust them to take good care of RV owners and their RV refrigerators. However, FRVRTC and anyone associated with FRVRTC will not be held responsible for any services performed by any business listed on this page or anyone trained by FRVRTC.

Please note, we are not at liberty to give out former student information. Many have more business than they can handle so they do not want referrals from our website. They are able to advertise on this page in order to assist you if they desire.


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