Pricing-RV Refrigerator Reconditioning-Online Training

Course R101 – RV Refrigerator Cooling Unit Reconditioning Online Training Video


Ford Procedures Manual                                                 $     29.95

Application Fee (non-refundable)                                    $   120.00

Tuition                                                                              $3,800.00

4 Additional Manuals                                                       $   159.95

Customized Tool Kit                                                          $5883.00

Total                                                                    $9992.90 + shipping

Customized Toolkit Consists of:

1-SS-1113 Charging Board (Specially designed by Roger Ford)

1-SSCW-116 Charging Wrench (Specially designed by Roger Ford)

1-SSLCW-116 Leak Check Wrench (Specially designed by Roger Ford)


1- Formula Chart

6-Norcold valves with stems (Specially designed by Roger Ford)

1-Stainless Steel Charge/Discharge Hose

20 ft.- foil backing

1- Training Packet of Valuable Information

1 lb.-Rust inhibitor with MSDS information

1 oz.- Leak checking chemical with MSDS information

1-150 lb. safety pop-off valve

1-36” Cut Stainless Steel Saw (Specially designed by Roger Ford)

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