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Why spend tens of thousands of dollars and years to get an education that pays less than $50 an hour, only to compete against thousands of others who have also chosen that very same career? For way less money and time, you can receive an education in a field that is in high demand across the world that pays $100+ an hour! Plus has no EPA Certification requirements!

The Online Training Package is only sold to U.S.A. Residents 
Online Training
Gary Bunzer
Gary Bunzer The RV Doctor
Gary Bunzer, a highly recognized educational figure in the RV Industry since the 1970’s, who has written educational material for RVIA/RVDA’s Certifications since the 1970′s said, “It is a fact that many cooling units are misdiagnosed and simply thrown away”. Family Motor Coach Magazine, p. 56, May 2011.  We at FRVRTC and everyone else owe Gary Bunzer a debt of gratitude for recognizing the problem in the RV industries lack of education on the RV refrigerator and for voicing his concerns to try and help the RV owner. Kudos Gary, we have a great deal of respect for you and what you bring to the RV industry!

What Is RV Refrigeration? 

RV refrigeration is absorption refrigeration. In other words, refrigeration is created without the use of a compressor. On the backside of the refrigerator cabinet is a steel cooling unit that houses chemicals. These chemicals are heated by way of electricity or LP which causes the chemicals to circulate. This creates the required cooling for the refrigerator and freezer compartment. 

What Will I Learn In This Training?

The most common repair for the RV refrigeration cooling unit is that this steel cooling unit develops a small leak that simply needs to be welded closed. At FRVRTC we train you how to diagnose these RV refrigerators, do required repairs, and recharge the cooling unit system. Since we have specialized in the refrigeration field since 1978, we have a very high success rate on the repair and recharging procedures and have not had any warranty issues for many years.

Where Is RV Refrigeration Found?

This unique absorption refrigerator repair service has been overlooked for decades all around the world. Absorption refrigerators work off of AC, DC, LP gas and other fuels. It is a refrigeration unit found in Recreational Vehicles, motor homes, coaches, trailers, 5th wheels, campers, pop-up campers, horse trailers, off the grid, caravans, camper vans, mobile leisure trailers, pull trailers, motels, apartments, hotels,  Amish communities and more. There are three major brands in the USA which are Dometic RV refrigerator, Norcold RV refrigerator, and Atwood RV refrigerator. A used absorption refrigerator can be successfully reconditioned for a fraction of the cost of a new refrigerator. In our many years in this field, it has been our experience that no matter what make or model of RV absorption refrigerator, they all basically work the same and require the same repairs. To determine if there is a need in your area, find out how many RV dealerships, service centers, campgrounds, resorts, off the grid, and Amish communities there are in your area. These all use this type of refrigeration and will eventually need serviced.

“If nobody builds another new RV again, starting today, there are still about 10 million of them on the road, and those units need to be serviced”, RV Pro magazine 2/2009. However, with approximately 10 thousand baby boomers retiring daily…check this out: “New RV shipments in 2016 are above last years totals “. http://www.rvia.org/?ESID=currentmonth According to RV Daily Report, forecasts for 2016 RV sales remain favorable with total shipments expected to surpass this years estimate to finish at more than 380,000 units. It is predicted that 2016 will mark a sixth consecutive yearly increase. 


I’m Interested in Offering RV Refrigerator Reconditioning Service. What Should I Do To Get Started?

Read Everything Below – Then If You Have Any Questions, Contact Us.

1. How Do I Know If There Is A Demand In My Area Or If I Am Qualified To Offer This Service?

If there are RV parks, resorts, service centers, Amish communities, or Off the Grid in your area, there is a demand.

If you can read a meter, follow instructions, and weld, you are qualified to offer this service.

You just need to receive the proper training and have the proper tools.

2.  How is the Online Training Presented? When Is Training Available? How Long Does the Online Training Take?

The Online Training is made up of a videos containing the same procedures taught in our hands on training. When you purchase the online training package, your video access will last for seven days so you can learn at your convenience.  The viewing time will be extended to sixty days once you have your equipment set up and are ready to start repairing and recharging the cooling unit systems. You may purchase the online training package by contacting our office.

3. What kind of  Tools will I need?

Click for information on the Customized Tools required to recharge the cooling units. 

Other tools required are just common hand tools.

4. What is the Cost for Online Training and Customized Tools?

Please click here for pricing

5. When Will I Receive The Customized Tools?

Customized tools will be shipped within 60-90 days after payment is received in full. There will be an additional fee to cover shipping.

6.  How Do I Build My Business?

During your training we cover economical marketing strategies and provide you with ideas that will help you get the word out there.  

7.  What Can I Expect As Far As A Return On My Investment?

We figure ROI based on the most popular refrigerator, which is the 2 door, 6 or 8 cubic foot.

It takes approximately ten  reconditioned cooling units to make back the investment for the Online Training package. Of course, this also depends on what your retail is for your reconditioning. This is based on our suggested retail fees.

8.  What Will I Learn During My Training?

You will learn Safety, Diagnostics, Removal, Reconditioning of the RV refrigerator cooling unit, Recharging the cooling unit, Re-assembly and much more.

Included in your Online Training package is marketing, advertising, pricing, industry connections, and more. We also show you how this service sells itself.

You will also receive instruction on how to obtain refrigerators and cooling units to practice on and how to obtain them at little or no cost to you. This will help you get stock built up so that when your ready to start offering this service, you can do a cooling unit exchange.

9.  What Are the Steps to Learn How To Recondition RV Refrigerator Cooling Units? 

  1.  Purchase the Online Training package which consists of the training video as well as the following:
    1. Ford’s Procedure Manual. Read through it and make sure this is something you wish to offer in your area. The manual is used during training and will be needed for the written exam should you decide you want the Certification.
    2.  Customized Tools.
    3. Additional manuals that will be very beneficial to your career.
  2. Get your equipment set up, obtain units to practice on and begin building your stock.
  3. When you feel you are ready, open your doors, get the word out about your services and start earning your ROI.

10.  What chemicals are used to recharge the system and where can they be purchased?

The list of chemicals can be found in the Ford Procedures Manual. They should be available at local chemical companies.

If you are ready to proceed with the purchase of the Online Training package, please contact our office.

*The RV Refrigerator Training Video may only be viewed through one ISP provider. The system will automatically discontinue your access if you try to view it from another ISP provider after your first viewing. There is a $95 charge to reestablish your access to the video if this happens. Therefore, make your first viewing at the location you plan to view it from in the future.

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