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We do not provide phone or email support. Keep checking back for new videos as they become available. We will be happy to provide you with hands on diagnosis and repair or you may choose to go to one of the centers listed on the the “Other Service Centers” page.


Links below take you to the Dometic & Norcold “Do It Yourself “,  money saving diagnostics and repair videos for the RV owner / technician  located at YouTube.com. We encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you will be notified when new videos become available. There is a small fee of $5.99 to view some of our videos but you will receive 48 hours of viewing time for each one. That’s much less expense than a service call or any other option available to you.   

Our DIY videos are making RV owners aware that the “throw it away, buy a new one” attitude that has plagued RV owners by others in the RV industry for more than 50 years, is a primitive and outdated solution to RV refrigerator repair. It is costing you more money and is filling our landfills with repairable refrigerators and cooling units.




Email from Edmond

Dear Sir or Madam, I have recently purchased your procedures , I have watched many and all of your tube videos you have put out. I have fixed my unit, it was a bad A/C heater watts 185, low amp draw, trouble shot all other electronics all was with in proper range and I am fascinated in the absorption (RV) refrigeration system. I am an AC tech as well. I have heard first hand what the RV centers say over phone. The other day a tech told me that he had six units that could not get below 52. I feel that the Lord has led me to you. I really believe we have a problem with the RV refrigeration HVAC in whole. So my manual is still in mail usually one writes after receiving ones manual. But I was so excited that I wanted to share of the fixing of my cooling cabinet, before I received your procedures!!! So my friends, may our God continue to bless us and may you be a light and a pillar to us all. Best Regards Edmond

Email from R. Cawley                                                                                                    

Onna Lee and Roger, I wanted to pass something on to you. We traded in our Passport trailer that had the fridge in it that you helped me so much on. When we were talking to the salesman, he was asking if we had had any problems. I mentioned that we thought we had problems with the fridge, but I had gotten in touch with you, and with your help, had made one simple little modification, and it was working perfectly. He was amazed at what I had told him and couldn't believe the simple repairs. I'm spreading your name to anyone that talks to me about fridge problems and suggesting they check out your help videos. ou are a great asset to the RV community.


Ford's RV Refrigeration or anyone affiliated with FRVRTC is not responsible for the viewers decision to do any of the following repairs on an RV refrigerator, for any misunderstandings by the viewer, or from damage resulting from anything the viewer does based on the information provided in these videos. Use safety precautions at all times and read owners manual prior to performing any repairs on any RV refrigerator. Anything beyond the scope of these videos will require a technician. We will be happy to provide hands-on service for you at our location or yours.

Click on the button for the RV refrigerator video you wish to watch. This will take you to a trailer which describes the video. From there, you can choose to rent the video by clicking on the box that pops up. Follow the steps from there. Payment may be made through PayPal or once at PayPal, you can choose to pay with a credit card. Thank You.





 RV Owners Share Their Experiences With You 
Jerry & Nancy 2013

1.  Jerry & Nancy - Virginia - Pt 1 Problem finally solved!!

Terry & Ann 1

2.  Terry & Ann - Texas - Pt 1 They saved thousands of dollars.

Mike & Ann-Tennessee

3. Mike & Ann - Tennessee - Another RV tech said they needed a new cooling unit. See what we found!

Bob & Natalie

4.  Bob & Natalie - South Dakota - LP Issues.

Gary & Pam Barkhaus

5.  Gary & Pam - Missouri - Refrigerator had more than one issue. None of which was the cooling unit.

Jerry & Nancy 2

6. Jerry & Nancy-Pt 2 - Full Timers from Virginia Share RV Refrigerator Maintenance & Repair Tips.

Gradon & Diane

7. Graydon & Diane - Texas - Multiple problems caused by other RV technicians.

Terry & Ann - Texas - Pt 2

8. Terry & Ann - Pt 2 - Campers Speak Out About RV Refrigerator Repairs at Camping World.

Paul & Alice -

9. Dometic RV Refrigerator Repair in National RV Motorhome.

Bill Marr-1

10. Coming Soon - Bill - After a four year battle with other RV service centers, FRVRTC solves the problem.


11. Norcold Refrigerator-1200 Series-Saturated Box-Successful Repair.

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4. Atwood Refrigerator-Pt 2.

New Research & Development

5. Improving RV Refrigeration Cooling with Continued Research and Development.


Hear What RV & Other Technicians Have To Say About The RV Refrigerator
Steve Shafer

1.  RVIA Master Certified Tech Talks About Dometic & Norcold RV Refrigerator Repair for RV owners.

Keith Hewitt-Australia

2.  Australian Takes FRVRTC Procedures Home to His Local RV/Caravan Owners.

Nick Harrison-The UK

3. RV Refrigerator 101 is Educating Techs Around The World.

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