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We found the 110 was not at plug and since we do not have a diagram of electric we managed to bypass and run a line to a safe GFI plug and get power to refrig.  This has worked.  We appreciate your You Tube videos and we managed to figure it without techs and our knowledge from you video and our previous knowledge of construction.  If we had a manual it would have helped but they are out of business.

We thank you for your help and we feel we had a great training from you.  Since no one was able to help us and few would listen to what we said we had to rely on your videos to give us that bit of boost to figure it out.  The electrical line is solid and it then goes to a 3 wire line.  If we could only know where it went we could do a few things but since we do not want to break the breakers we have found a way around.  Believe a mouse or such has broke the line but we cannot see the line from kitchen to bathroom or direction so we had to be resourceful.  This is safe and did get the unit running after months of no success from Dometic or other sources.  This was a simple fix if we could only know the actual problem which we did find and then to repair it was needing the electric diagram of coach.  So I would imagine that most coaches are wired similarly and would be helpful if we could find one of those manuals.  However, we are finally going to have a refrigerator in our 37’ Tropi Cal and be able to use it since May.  I been promised parts from Dometic for months and yes plan your trip it is on its way however I been out in it for 2 trips totally 8 days without a refrig.  This is just not acceptable.  As you know finding one to fit the hole is the issue and why we must find the problem to make this work. If you know of a way to get a manual of 2004 diesel I would love to find anyone who has one so we might copy it or get it faxed to us. It is really hard to deal with these details without some diagram. Thanks. S. Morgan, California 2016

Thank you for the information. I am a Project Manager in the HVAC industry in the Washington DC area.  I had to repair  an RV refrigerator for a family member, which is completely different from the refrigerators I am used to seeing.  Your online video explaining how to test the heat elements was very informative, and lead me to a successful repair. The fridge now operates at 34 deg F and the freezer is -20 def F, while the OA temperature is 95 deg F.

I did not know that a cooling unit could be reconditioned and put back into service.  I always heard that the owner had to buy a new refrigerator.  After finding your site online, and finding out that reconditioning is an option, and that you provide training on this procedure I am taking a real interest in the mechanics of the absorption RV refrigerators. I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge in this field of refrigeration. R. Anderson, Maryland 2016

 First, I would like to say that I was very pleased to have found FRVRTC, my RV refrigerator had been a thorn in my side for many years. It would cool for awhile and then it would not, on and off for years. After many techs looked at it, I was told I may need a new cooling unit. Lucky for me I contacted Roger at the FRVRTC. He said not to be to focused on needing a new cooling unit and suggested I bring the 2008 Monaco to the shop so they could check it. After a couple of days, he gave me the good news, IT IS NOT YOUR COOLING UNIT! Roger just saved me a couple of thousand dollars. He proceeded to do a full inspection and repair & a few days later it’s working like a dream. They sure did their magic at FRVRTC. I would suggest to anyone having a refrigerator problem in their RV to give Roger a call — very nice people to work with and very knowledgeable.   C. Mazuelos, Tennessee 2016

 Thank you Onna, I recently had a refrigeration problem with my Dometic RM8501. Thanks to your videos, I was able to solve my problem. I have heard many horror stories about large service charges and 50% of the time without success. I will tell everyone I come in contact with about your videos and your recommendations.  I was shocked when I described the problem I was having and no one even suggested I clean the burner or could even provide a ball park estimate of the cost to repair.  The only answer they were sure of was their hourly rate and up front service charge.  Given it worked on AC and DC I was certain the problem couldn’t be a major one. Thank you for taking the time to provide me with guidance. D. Summers, Florida 2016

Having found your website on the Internet we were not sure what to expect. We needed our frig repaired so we took a leap of faith and traveled to your facility. We could not be happier with the end results. Your friendly, knowledgeable assistance was so greatly appreciated. Having the ability to remain on-site during the repair of our appliance was an added plus as well! It was quite refreshing to do business with such caring, honest people. Thanks again, for a great experience in an otherwise frustrating situation. Continue to be blessed! W. & V. Pettit. 2015
About two years ago, my wife and I purchased a used motorhome privately. The refrigerator did not work so after some experimentation and frustration, I found Ford’s RV Refrigeration company and contacted them and explained the problem to them. Roger and Onna Lee both helped me check out our unit and got it going saving us a possible $1500 for a new unit. Since then I have purchased one of their training manuals for my own reference and do not regret dealing with these honest people. W. Blakey, Ontario,Canada 2015

Also a problem with LP heat was causing the flue to feel hot, but not at proper temp for cooling to occur. Roger was very helpful in explaining the process and knew by my symptoms it was likely not the cooling unit, even though I was nearly ready to buy a new one. Sure enough with a new el element ($60 w/shipping) and a Fluke meter to test, the frig is working great, I easily saved $500-1000 or more, not to mention the hassle of new cooling unit or frig. Thanks Roger and Onna Lee you’re the best.  L.  DiBello 2013

 I would like to thank Roger for calling me a few days after I sent him an e-mail with my concerns with my Dometic fridge, I used his videos to test & what looks like solve my problems for which I can not thank him enough. Roger your a gentleman. Thank you G. Chilvers 2013

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